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Having developed a passion for the game at a younger age, Sotir spent most of his youth days in pain suffering from a lower back injury while playing. Through various years of attending different soccer Physical Therapy services for treatment of Spondylolisthesis of L5-S1, the pain continued to persist. The pain became a part of the game. 

It wasn't until his graduate year of college that Sotir finally relieved himself of the back pain while playing. Taking a different approach from the traditional physical therapy exercises, Sotir was able to overcome his back pain by utilizing various pain principles, mental imagery, postural restoration concepts, and intense training.


Soccer Physical Therapy may be required to recover from game-related injuries.

His long painful journey inspires him daily to share his knowledge with the youth athletes who suffer through similar soccer related injuries. Injuries can be physically and mentally daunting on younger athletes. One size does not fit all. Don't let an injury detach you from the love of the game. 

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