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We are not here to "Band-Aid" your injury

Roba Physical Therapy and Wellness is not your typical physical therapy practice. We are sick of the traditional PT model of providing quick and easy services to temporarily reduce pain, only to wake up the next day with the same reoccurring issues. In other words, BACK INTO PAIN.

Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and capabilities to better control and re-learn your own body. In giving you the power to fully understand your pain and the body you know best, we tackle pain at its root and give you the skillset to overcome it and better yourself. 

When you are ready to conclude services at Roba Physical Therapy and Wellness, you will have developed the ability to adapt to your body and confidently manage your physical well-being. 

We hope to make you adaptable to everything that life throws at you so that you are ...

Ready to take on another challenge! 

Gym Equipment


Located inside of CT Workout, a personal training gym with 7,500 square feet of turf and exercise equipment, Roba Physical Therapy and Wellness is situated in a prime location for simulating daily tasks and activities, as well as game-time conditions. It allows for a wide array of exercises to be performed to properly train the body. 

The goal is to ensure that you you return to your preferred activities  without fear.

Get a feel for the game before you even step foot on the field.

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